Our Company 

About Us

Our Mission: 

To help smokers who choose to vape in order to stay smoke-free; by creating a safe place that respects and understands that smoking is an addiction, by offering customers quality products of the highest manufacturing standards and to always listen to their needs. 



To see a world free of tobacco-related deaths. 


Commitment to our Customers: 

We opened our doors to make vaping accessible to adult smokers who were looking for a way to live a smoke-free life. We will always do our best to put them first, and understand the responsibility we hold in helping them stay smoke-free. 


Commitment to Advocacy: 

We will continue to support efforts of advocacy that fight for fair access to vapour products for adult smokers.  We will take action and be the voice of our customers when needed to ensure that they will have equitable access to vaping.


Commitment to the communities we work and live in: 

We do not support the use of vapour products by those under the age of majority and by those that have never smoked before. We will continue to celebrate those that are smoke-free by any means. 


Commitment to our employees: 

To create a positive work environment that strives for honest communication between all. To continue to help people grow and to celebrate the little things. 

Who We  Are

Who We Are 

My name is Maria Papaioannoy – Duic. My husband (David Duic) and I are owners of The Ecig Flavourium Inc. in Ontario and I also work with a movement called Vapor Advocates of Ontario (VAO). I am a retailer, a representative of VAO and most importantly an ex smoker because of vaping.  


After my husband and I quit smoking by using vaping products as a tool over 9 years ago, we opened The Ecig Flavourium Inc. in 2013. Our sole purpose in doing so was to help people that also wanted to use vapour products as their choice to help them remove cigarettes from their lives. When we opened our doors, we will admit that the laws in Canada and in Ontario confused us. Nevertheless, we saw a handful of other vapour stores open and believed the Government’s permissive approach to be in acknowledgement of the potential health benefits of these products. Moreover, we truly believed and continue to believe that the ability to help people remove combustible cigarettes from their lives outweighs the risk of any punitive actions.


We currently operate two (2) retail locations in Ontario, employ 8 people and pay taxes as small business owners. Over the last six years, we have helped thousands of people eliminate traditional cigarettes from their lives. Our business model focuses on consumer education and the support of our clients beyond initial purchase.  This model is replicated across vapour retail establishments in Canada. 


My passion for the industry and ability to rally people politically caused me to step into a leadership role with VAO in late November of 2015 when there was a need for activism against the Ontario government and their proposed regulations that were prohibitive to vaping. Being that VAO is a movement against prohibitive vaping regulations and ideals, there is no formal membership but we do estimate that it has an online reach of over 6000 people, and growing daily. Most recently, through the banner of VAO, we stood up against the Ontario Convenience Store Association (OCAS) and their push to have vaping regulated in Ontario as tobacco with the   #vapingisntsmoking campaign. We are consistently engaging our members online and are currently educating members and discussing these proposals through various means.

We will always continue to fight for fair regulations and everyone's right to vape!

WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada